Attrition of Teachers under pressure

Attrition of Teachers under pressure

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Several teachers unions have picked up upon the theme that many of their number have mental health problems themselves while trying to address these issues with the children in their care!

A survey of over 5000 teachers found some amazing facts about the amount of stress they are under and how they are trying to address this,

22% had increased alcohol uptake,  21% increased their caffeine  7% had become reliant upon prescription drugs . All this is as a direct result of  excessive workload dispite the government’s statements about reducing this !!

It also found that 14% had undergone counselling, over three quarters (79%) suffering from work related anxiety. Over 80% are suffering from sleep problems and a feeling of constantly being exhausted ,quoting 70-80 hour weeks .

So how can we make this obviously unsustainable situation better while we wait  for the government to act in their normal too little too late mode of action?

One of the most shocking statistics is the attrition of qualified & experienced staff from the profession, I believe that a major contributing factor is the pressure being passed down from senior management staff in the schools who themselves are feeling their positions under scrutiny.

We see the real effects as  we deliver our mental Health awareness training in schools throughout the region . Coaching and counselling can offer a great source of  help here to mitigate the worst of the negative effects. We can offer a different way of approaching the pressures within the school’s environment, give us a call for a chat of  how we might help .



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