Dementia Care

Dementia Care

This is our new page as we are now entering into Dementia care, and  we have sponsored an Admiral nurse in collaboration with DUK providing the only Admiral nurse in North  Lincolnshire.

( Dementia UK is a national  charity which works in partnership with NHS & other organisations to promote the service )

Admiral nurses bring that extra dimension in care and support the carers as well as the cared for .They are mental health nurses specialising in dementia care, working collaboratively with health and social care professionals and voluntary organisations to improve the experiences of those affected by dementia.

Amara Care sponsors an Admiral Nurse post filled by Tilly Brock

Tilly Brock, Admiral Nurse is sponsored in partnership with Dementia UK to provide support to families living with dementia. For people with dementia in receipt of any of our services, their carer(s), who may require much needed emotional support and education about how to live well with dementia, can receive support from our Admiral Nurse. This specialist role in dementia care will also support the development of dementia care services within Amara Care and the group of companies, and also offer staff support. Tilly will also facilitate events to involve the public to share knowledge to those not in receipt of Amara Care services.
For those who do not have access via Amara Care Admiral Nurse there is also Admiral Nurse Direct available on 0845 257 9406.

The services on Offer :-

  • Skilled person-centred assessments
  • Psychological support to help family carers and people with dementia
  • Practical advice
  • Signposting to other locally based support
  • Cognitive Stimulation Therapy
  • Help to develop and improve skills in care

Our intent is to bring our psychology based model of care into the world of Dementia .

Our DVD designed for carers of people with dementia is now  available . It provides an insight and tools for carers to help them navigate the care path while looking after themselves !

DVD Preview

Please ring the office number for details .Cost is £18.50