Integrated social care

Integrated social care

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Surely the time has come for those involved in the decision making in the care world to  have to recognize that until social care and the NHS  hospitals become an integrated service , things well never change! This means working closely together to stop bed blocking and joined up elderly after care.  It will mean the people protecting their own little domain have to see the bigger picture. It will require not just cooperation but an overseeing admin system put in place  that joins the dots between the agencies involved, with powers to delegate work out!

It is not rocket science, enough people have been saying this for a long time now ! It does not necessarily mean more money put into the NHS just working smarter with the resources that are already out there.

Sadly I think it will take the looming  crisis in the NHS to force this through and it will be reactionary rather than proactively planned  why are the lessons of the past never learned ???


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