Learning Disability reform

Learning Disability reform

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It was 2011 when Winterbourne hit the news with that terrible news of abuse.

It is an equally terrible indictment on the government that it has taken until now to take some reasonable action to address the problems in institutional care within the mental health field . It was not until  mid 2014 when Sir Stephen Bubb was appointed to review the situation which he did in good time publishing his recommendations before the year end . He commented half way through 2015 that there was little if no progress on his recommendations, and it has taken until now before the government has heeded his call for action and are considering  appointing  a new commissioner to promote and protect the interests of those who have  learning disabilities . This will also entail recruiting and training  many more specialist nurses for both NHS and private providers if we as a society are to protect some of the most  vulnerable people in our community .

Let us hope that finally, there will be some tangible good comes out of this mess!


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