Self harm in our young

Self harm in our young

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Our Wellbeing and mental health awareness schools programme is being received well throughout the area and many are taking advantage of this diverse programme . One of the main surprises is the amount of self harm that is prevalent throughout our schools, with nearly every facility has some recognizable  level.

The good news is that you can do something about this and help these troubled young people out of their circle of despair !  We can offer teachers training to assist the students in their care.

Remember  to just:-

  • Listen with empathy don’t be  judgmental or criticize
  • Don’t give ultimatums
  • Identify  the trauma that drives  the behaviour !
  • Look for the triggers

All this will help enormously because these individuals need our help, they simply  do not yet have enough life skills to cope with the pressure we are putting upon them !!!!

Give us a call and let us talk through the above and much more explaining how we can help you help those in your care.

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